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ElegantFaery's Journal

Fanfiction Challenges, Fanart and Fandomness!

22 February
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My name is Nicky, I'm going to Gloucester County College for computer graphic design and I'm 23 years old. :) I'm using this livejournal to post fanart, fanfiction challenges and just about anything pertaining to fandoms I like. :D I do have a Dreamwidth account that I use for the same purpose as this journal and I have many entries there that are here too. But I don't use that journal as much as this one. I also have a tumblr that is listed as well in the links on my journal.

Also check out my deviantART profile and take a look at my art gallery, which has digital paintings/illustrations, traditional drawings and paintings, and a lot of anime drawings. I've also been coming up with some Wallpaper manips and including challenges in the artist notes. :)

And please check my challenge forums on Fanfiction.net. The fandoms I write challenges for include Veronica Mars, Vampire Diaries, NCIS, SPN, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel, Numb3rs, Inuyasha, and many more. I have forums in each of these fandoms that have many crossovers. Though my VMARS forum has the most challenges I have ever come up with for a single fandom and alot of them are crossover challenges and DoVe challenges!

I also recently created a Delicious page (@TheElegantFaerie), which is listed in my Links List on my profile. So far I am primarily using it to keep track of my favorite fanfiction links using tags pertaining to fandoms, crossovers, and pairings. Please check it out if you want to read some of the fanfiction I read!