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tVD/The Hobbit - Elena/Thorin

tVD/The Hobbit Fanfiction Challenge

The Hobbit, Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Elena/Thorin

Settings/Notes: Takes place after Rose and Trevor kidnap Elena. Elena is not with Stefan and also she is the same height as Thorin. For the Hobbit, takes place from the beginning.


What if in the Petrova bloodline, most females were witches but the Doppelgangers in the bloodline would have triple the magic and skill. So Elena has been a witch all her life and started doing magic when Bonnie found out that she was a real witch (back in S1).

Elena does a spell to help her find a way to escape Klaus' ritual but the spell brings her to Middle Earth, but more specifically in the Shire. Gandalf finds her and brings her to Bilbo's house, which is filled with dwarfs and Thorin Oakenshield! Gandalf signs her up for the adventure they are about to leave on, remembering that Petrova Doppelgangers are witches. And how does he know this? He met a Petrova Doppelganger who came to Middle Earth years ago!

Thorin immediately feels attracted to Elena but still objects to a woman in the Company but changes his mind when he finds out she is a witch. What will happen when Thorin and the rest of the dwarves find out that Elena is something called a Petrova Doppelganger and in her world she meant to be sacrificed in an vampire called Klaus' ritual? Will they feel more fiercely protective toward her? And along the way Thorin and Elena fall in love.


*After it was revealed that there have been many versions of Elena (the Petrova Doppelganger), what if one of the previous Petrova Doppelgangers had gone to Middle Earth and met Gandalf and told him who she was. What happens to her is up to you

*Thorin survives the Battle of Five Armies


*I don't want any other tVD characters on the journey to retake Erebor but maybe if by the end the dwarves end up going to Mystic Falls you could create other pairings if you wish

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