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My Fanfiction Likes and Dislikes

My Fanfiction Preferences/Likes:
1. I like het fanfiction only. (Male/Female)
2. I do like well planned 'Original Character/Canon Character' romance fics.
3. More often than not I end up loving alternative pairings more than canon pairings. (Example from fandom Veronica Mars. My favorite pairing is Veronica/Lamb and the canon pairing of the show is Logan/Veronica, which I like second to Veronica/Lamb. Another example is from Dark Angel. I love the canon pairing Logan/Max and not the alternative pairing Alec/Max.)
4. I love crossovers and even more than crossovers, I love crossover pairings!
5. I love long fics!
6. I love well written fics.
7. I love smut in fics and especially in romance fics as well! ;)

My Fanfiction Pet Peeves/Dislikes:
1. I don't read slash pairings in any fandom at all. I just don't like slash and I avoid reading it. (Only exception is occasionally I will read Kahlan/Cara from Legend of the Seeker though I do prefer Kahlan/Richard mostly. Also bromance is okay and here are some examples of bromances I enjoy: Damon/Alaric, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean. Though not slash.)
2. I don't like Mary Sue fics. (I believe there is a difference between a OC and a Mary Sue, and the big difference is well thought out characters and good writing.)
3. Bad writing/grammar/paragraph editing skills. (If a fic has any of this first chapter, I won't read the rest of the story.)
4. If a story summary is full of bad spelling and grammar, most likely the story will be as well so I don't even click on the link.
5. I don't like character bashing. I especially don't like it when it's my favorite character.
6. While I do like reading a few Kagome (from Inuyasha) crossover pairings such as Kagome/Vegeta, Kagome/Hiei, etc., I don't like how many Kagome Crossover authors will pair Kagome with just about any male from any television show, movie, anime, book and how they think Kagome is automatically compatible with anyone and everyone.
7. I also slightly dislike pairing Kagome with non-animated characters from television and movies. I kinda stick to anime crossovers for Kagome. (Though I do like Kagome/Harry Potter crossovers and maybe a few others but that's it.)

I may edit this entry later if I think of things to add to it. :)

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