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Categories: Numb3rs/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel
Pairings: Don/Buffy, Charlie/Amita, 
Settings/Notes: For BtVS, set post season 7. No comics. Also post Not Fade Away for Angel; no one died in the battle and Wolfram and Hart is under old management after the Senior Partners brought Lilah, Lindsay back to run it, etc. The council has been rebuilt and Buffy is Head Slayer. The Council's new base of operations is the Hyperion Hotel in LA and Buffy's group and Angel's group have combined to fight things that go bump in the night together. Though Angel and Buffy are just friends. For Numb3rs, any season you want though Don is not with Liz or Robin.

I have two plotlines for the above settings, pairings, etc:

Plot 1:
The FBI has come to learn about the growing Supernatural crimes and deaths happening in LA. Don and his team are asked to approach Buffy and her group to start a new program at Don's FBI office called Supernatural Crime Prevention (something like that) that would have Buffy working with Don and his team when a case turns supernatural. You can choose who on Buffy's team/Angel's team joins, though keep it down to Buffy as the only Slayer that joins though if you want you can include Faith and also Spike and Angel would be part of the team. Also I like the idea of Liz/Spike, Faith/David or Faith/Colby, etc as minor crossover pairings. Also if you want you can make it so Cordelia just woke up and never died so Angel/Cordelia can happen.  

Plot 2:
The FBI has a Supernatural Crime Supervisor job opening in Don's office and Buffy joins the team after she completes her FBI training. Her being the Slayer is added bonus to the FBI to have her on their team.

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